From the monthly archives: January 2015

Yosemite Mission ControlI couldn’t wait to upgrade my MacBook Air Mid2013 to OS X 10.10 and that was a little mistake because I didn’t check if all my devices had the drivers ready for Yosemite.

Everything went well except for my J5Create USB3 to VGA adaptor that allows me to enjoy a 3 screens setup: some parts of Yosemite’s UI (eg: Mission Control ) become so laggy I couldn’t use my computer.

Keeping the drivers up to date did not resolve the issue ( I am writing this post on 15th Jan 2015 ) so I had to find a workaround to maintain my 3 screens setup.

Here’s my workaround:

  1. I disabled the Window Trasparency
  2. I disabled the animation of Mission Control

Those are not a solution to the problem but at the moment my setup is usable and I am pretty much happy.

Upgrading to Yosemite anyway is worth for the new features.

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